Prototyping of the vest garment

As we found out from the affinity diagram containing information from various sources (such as target users, rehabilitation experts, literature, and results of initial user tests), the re-design of the current vibe-ing dress is necessary. The new prototype must look like a regular everyday piece of clothing, not as a rehabilitation tool (not to label […]

Meet the Experts

Menopause can have a huge effect on women’s physiological and mental states. In order to get more acquainted with this from an objective (medical) perspective, we approached three experts who are working closely with menopausal women. They were: 1. a physiotherapist and researcher in bio-medicine with an expertise in rehabilitation sciences and co-development of technology-supported […]

Vibe-ing Product Description

Let us introduce you the vibe-ing product in short. More on the product description here. Vibe-ing is a garment knitted out of merino wool. It currently contains 17 knitted pockets, equipped with electronic circuit boards with sensors (touch sensors) and actuators (vibration motors). The common placement of the sensors are on 3 body locations – […]