Results and Conclusion

In this work we presented the design and implementation of a smart garment named Vibe-ing (see the figures below), and explored the possibilities of embedding vibrotactile actuators into a smart textile.      In order to understand how to design the behavior of such vibrating textile, we implemented and tested two vibrotactile patterns which were applied […]

Prototyping software

We used Crisp Motor control modules for implementing the vibratory feedback based on detected touch events. These control modules were developed by Metatronics for the Crisp Project, and are equipped by input and output interfaces, as well as an I2C interface, the SDA (data line) and SCL (clock line) allowing a communication between the modules. […]

From Affinity Diagram to Conceptual Design

In this blog post we will discuss the transition from raw data to conceptual design. Firstly, we had to analyze the data gathered from first user interviews, literature reviews, interviews with experts and second user study. This data were combined to one huge affinity diagram (in the picture below you can see a small piece […]