Prototype evaluation methods (user tests)

In the past two weeks our little user-testing team (Indre, Derec, and me) had great fun traveling all over the Netherlands to meet our target users. We tested our Vibe-ing prototype with 9 women in total (more about this in the next post). A complete testing session took about 50 minutes and was conducted in […]

Marina – Persona

Please meet our persona, Marina. Marina was created from the interviews with 5 women in (post)menopause. She was extremely useful in affirming with the experts whether we correctly interpreted the women’s interviews. Also, it helped the experts to imagine a typical patient/client and to expand from there. Marina is 51 years old. She has been […]

Exploration & Preparation

The very first week of the Vibe-ing project was one of exploration and preparation. Project description As the garment prototype was created in collaboration with the Textile Lab in Tilburg, we decided to have a look around at both the textile museum and lab to gain some textile inspiration. Although I’ve lived in Tilburg for […]


Hi there, Welcome to our blog! Here we will keep you posted on our design case project, called Vibe-ing. We work on this project at the Eindhoven University of Technology, in cooperation with CRISP (Creative Industry Scientific Programme), Textiel Museum, TextielLab, and Metatronics. The main goal of Vibe-ing project is to explore the design space […]